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Thread: Living Primal

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    Living Primal

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    I've been primal for over 3 years, but lately have not been so much.

    And my body is hating me for it.

    During my last pregnancy, my body apparently developed actual intolerances for the wheat and dairy that I had already cut out of my diet anyway. So now as I'm being lazy and they're creeping back into my mouth, I regret every bite.

    Of course, that doesn't stop me. Brain-mouth disconnect there. Otherwise known as mindless sugar addiction.

    So it's time to get back on. Some big changes coming up, I'll handle them better if I'm feeling better.

    Today was horrible. Tomorrow, I'm going to weigh in, start fresh, and make it the 21 days of this challenge!

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    Good luck with the fresh start tomorrow! I'm doing the 21-day Challenge too. I have trouble stringing more than a few successful days together. Hoping this time will stick. Look forward to seeing your progress.


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