So many an-caps and libertarians here! (and whatever rojo is?)

So, I try and have this argument on ron paul forums, and it usually ends with me being banned.

Philosophically, ethically whatever- I am a free market enthusiast. Voluntary exchange is the only real good social force that leads to innovation, inclusion, understanding, cultural fusion, etc etc. It breaks down barriers of ignorance and ethnic hostility. It frees people from subordinated drudgery.


the present "free market people" (the ron paul people, the libertarians, to a much lesser and more bastardized extent, the right-wing conservatives) are always talking about how regulations negatively affect free economic development.


On a conceptual level and shit. Then they go and actually advocate deregulation, like once the State is out of the way, the market forces will just work toward human freedom.

Buuuut- all of the land is already owned by the coercion profiteers. All of the means-of-production are in the hands of the powers behind the state.