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Thread: My 21-Day Challenge Journal

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    My 21-Day Challenge Journal

    I'm putting up my experiences in the 21-Day Challenge/Body Transformation here.

    Here's a little bit about myself. Im a 37yo coffee & tea-drinking wife from NY, NY getting to know my new friend Grok on my first day in the 21-day challenge.

    I was attracted to Primal Blueprint first as an exercise program, then, as I read further, I decided to challenge myself fully with the diet, as well. Although having to give up rice and other grains as well as pasta, cakes and bread is tough, choosing to go primal was not a difficult choice for this omnivore because of its inherent simplicity. Hubby & I had a miscarriage a year ago and are trying to conceive naturally without medical intervention. I am also hoping to prevent inheriting Type2 Diabetes.

    My favorite exercises are Walking for hours :sly: 30-minutes :what: on the elliptical machine and :screwy: 1-hr cycling class
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