I discovered this site a couple of weeks ago and have been dabbling in primal bits and pieces since then, so now's the perfect time to give the 21-day challenge a go.

I have been doing CrossFit for just over a year, but have still managed to put on weight (after an initial loss), so evidently my very conventional western-style diet needs work. I recently started Couch to 5k as well, but it has turned out to be too much alongside CrossFit, and I have had to give it up - chronic cardio, anyone?

The most drastic lifestyle change I'm making is reintroducing meat to my diet as of today, after many years as a vegetarian. I think that way I'll be giving Mark's ideas a really fair trial. I've been reading up about food labelling today, and what it means in terms of animal welfare, organic/non-organic status, etc. I've already discovered that one of the supermarkets in town is much better than the other for local/organic/humanely reared stuff, and we're lucky enough to have a really good health food shop for some of the more unusual food items.

As I said, I've already been experimenting for a couple of weeks now, and I hope I'm over the worst of the "carb flu". I'm actually quite relieved to discover that carb flu is "a thing", as I've definitely felt under par for a few days. I seem to be getting better at the moment.

I'm now approaching the end of day one - so far, so good! Just have to wind down nicely with a little TV, then some reading (the computer is off-limits until tomorrow morning once I finish this post), then bed.

Good luck to everyone else who's doing the challenge!