I am a 64 year old Paleo woman and hoped to be able to keep working until age 66 at least. I have been in my job here for 17 years, and enjoyed it very much until recently, when the new management took on a new 2-year long project but decided to hire only the minimum number of new people to help. Of course, that meant that people were required to work 50-60+ hour weeks in order to meet the deadlines. No one seemed to care that this was happening other than the employees, who have now started to leave in droves. This of course makes it even worse for the people who remain to do the work. We are all salaried, so get the same pay no matter how many hours are worked. Also a few of the older employes have actually been fired now. This is a hospital IT department. I think about leaving myself, but of course the prospects of a 64 year old woman finding a job quickly are rather slim these days, to say the least. I live alone, no family, and support myself, so no one to fall back on to assist me.
Seems like all companies care about now is working people to death, and if you won't work 60 hour weeks, they will fire you and find someone else who will. No respect for people's families and personal time, etc. In my opinion employers today are really taking advantage of workers. I just wonder if anyplace out there is any better, as I hear the same things from alot of my friends. Anyone have any opinions on the state of employers today?? We are all in fear of losing our jobs, so just trying to get by as best as we can, and not rock the boat. I know it is wrong to be so complacent, but I also know reality is that I need to keep my job......just wanted to get other opinions!!!