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    Membership Paleo Websites

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    Hey guys, I wanted to know if any of you are members of any of the Paleo support sites that charge and what has your experience been. What do you like or dislike?

    Also, do you know of any other than the ones I've listed?
    Chris Kresser
    Loran Cordain

    This one is not necassarily paleo, Metabolic Effect. Any experience?

    Thank you!

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    Why would I pay for membership when so many free websites have all the information I need?

    Of your list, I bought Loren Cordain's Paleo Answer book and have downloaded some of his free research papers. I have read his blog but not lately.
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    I love Chris Kresser's site, but I personally find no reason to pay for support. I'm figuring out my issues on my own with the use of all the free articles that sites like this one and Kresser's have.
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    Thanks for your input.
    I was asking because on the paid sites, the authors say they will answer questions on their forum.
    I thought that might be worth something.

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    Eh, all the answers are there, none of the questions will be unique or insightful. Problem is you have to dig for answers through the site and articles. I guess Mark is able to support a free website because of his supplement business, you may feel its worthwhile paying to support others who don't have a similar revenue stream.

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    that's not worth much, a quick google search will bring up anything the author says about any question one might conceivably come up with

    but if you want to support them outside buying their books, that's cool too
    yeah you are

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