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Thread: Eating more fat & george foreman grills...

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    Eating more fat & george foreman grills...

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    Hi guys

    Im 6ft 3 and im really strong but I am still super skinny.

    I really need to put some weight on. I have a 6 pack and am pretty muscly but just too skinny!!!

    Anyway im trying to eat more fat, and I love cooking in the george foreman - but I read somewhere it can remove up to 40% of the fat?

    Like if you put bacon on it some of the fat will come out and run off the foreman and be wasted? So id be better off to cook the bacon normally ??

    Any tips to eat more fat are great.

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    I also cook lots of fish on it so will a lot of the good fat's drain away? :'(

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    I think it's mostly a gimick. Instead of havnig the meat sit in a pan and stew in its own juices, the juices run off into the little collector bin, right? So you still have bacon fat (which you could use for cooking other things, but not on the Foreman grill), it's just separate. As for other meats, I think the meat might dry out a bit and you might want to pour some of the juice/fat back onto it, but just to moisten. I sometimes pour the pan drippings back on my food, but not always. Can you cook on a regular stovetop w/ a pan?

    If you want to put more weight on, eating more carbs might help if you aren't already. But more food in general is the key .
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    I wouldn't zoom in on single foods, you can look at the weekly menu as a whole. Saving the meat drip for gravy or roasting/ sautéing vegetable is always nice. Quality sausages will have a good whack of fat that doesn't easily escape.

    Fat is pretty easy to add. Dip vegetables in guacamole or seasoned sour cream. Have fruit with some macadamia nuts, chocolate, or whipped cream. The nuclear option would be liquid calories such as coconut milk shakes and ice cream.

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    Haven't used my Foreman since transitioning to primal almost 2 years ago.

    Since all the advice here for fat loss starts with "cut the dairy, cut out nuts, go low carb" I suggest doing the opposite...lots of milk (if you tolerate it), nuts and potatoes.
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    Use the fat that the Foreman Grill drips off to sauté your veggies in.

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