So i have nagging shoulder issues. Im 19.
Im experiencing pain in my right shoulder, what feels to be at the back of my deltoid. while I experience pain in my left shoulder when OH pressing with a barbbell which feels like its "inside" my shoulder.
I also feel my shoulders are internally rotated slightly, and generally just shitty.

I personally thought I had some scapula winging but the PT says that scapula winging is normal for my age and they dont fully develop till later. But he hardly examined my body, just said that...

my problem was too much flexibility and not enough stability of the shoulders. Hes prescribed deadlifts, sumo dead lifts, kettle bell swings, overhead squats, pull ups and dips and eventually powercleans.(basically, crossfit as he mentioned it)to build strength and stability. He said use functional exercises. He said " be a caveman in the gym"

I cant argue with that, it makes sense but he totally told me i was doing the wrong things when i said I was doing scapula pushups, wall slides and external rotations. He also said back work like rows were unessacary at the gym. That doesnt make sense to me when everything ive learned states javing multiple pull work to your pushes for healthy shoulders.
Not only that, but pullups internally rotate your shoulder and that dips are bad for 'bad' shoulders.

Im just confused as to what the hell I should be doing. And if what he says may be true??