Right now I think it's time to start getting serious and commit myself to a more primal lifestyle.
I'm starting this journal as a way to share my stories and as a contract for me to get in shape and get healthy.

11 years ago I was diagnosed with chronic heart failure. I got the flu and didn't treat my body right to get over it. The bug attacked my heart muscle and nearly killed me. (I was on the list for a heart transplant for a few weeks)... I spend a month in the hospital recovering before being send home. It took me an other 6 months to recover so far that I could participate in life again.
right now I am at the point where I can do what I want but in a slower pace. I can go to festivals, movies, disconights, work, sports but all a bit slower.
However I'm still not well. Many days I feel like I'm 80 instead of 30. I am tired around 7pm and achy all the way. My muscles hurt, my bones feel stiff and I just don't have the energy.

My doctors can't help me with this, so I decided to take the altenative route. I have been studying diets and other alternative treatments for a while but nothing really fits
Many years ago I heard of the Paleo diet from a documentary on tv. I was interested but allergic to all green stuff. So I immediately ditched the idea of doing it myself. I'm a chocolate addict and a sugar junky. I can't stay of it for too long. So a diet with out sugar was unimaginable for me.

However thanks to my lovely boyfriend I was introduced into eating veggies and fruits and a new route opened up. After some serious research and reading up on primal/paleo diet, I found this website and it gave me the motivation to do the primal thing.

So last Sunday I started with my primal fitness regime... I played tennis on sunday. Monday I went for a walk. Tuesday I did some weight training and yesterday I went to play tennis again. Wednesday was my rest day because my muscles hurted all over.

For the diet it's a bit more difficult to integrate it into my doctor's order. So I'm doing a 80/20 primal now. I can't eat tons of eggs and banana's nor am I allowed to eat much salt so bacon is out as well. I'm still searching for useable food. Today will be a non-primal day for most of it because the lack of food available in the stores and at home. Tomorrow we are going to the fresh market and stock up on veggies, fruits and fish. I'm also going to try and food wheat flour replacements....

Bottom line:
I found out a few things in these short days:
1, My body feels more relaxed without the carbs.
2, I don't have as much heart rythm problems with low carbs.
3, I'm not as tired as I am with a SAD

I'm going to try to update regularly here... and maybe show some results