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    Breakfast ideas before the gym

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    Before i go to the gym every morning i always like a quick breakfast, before going paleo i woould have porridge oats with almond milk and blueberries. Since going Paleo i am struggling to find quick brreakfasts for me, I have discovered banana and egg pancake which i have been having a few days which is amazing,. However i dont want it every day, the only other breakfast i have been having is gluten free oats, almond milk, nuts and blueberries? Does anyone have any other suggestions, that wont sit too heavy on my tummy

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    Couple of eggs with some (sweet) potato will fuel you. Try for yourself how much food you need, to be both energized and not too full.

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    Hard (or soft) boiled eggs are great; fat, protein, but they're very light and don't weigh you down while working out. I usually have 2-3 before a high intensity work-out.


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    You could make an egg casserole. Basically mix any cooked vegetables (onion, peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc.), ground meat of any kind if you want it, and 8-12 whisked eggs and pour it all into a baking dish, bake until set. Cut into serving size pieces.

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    Google banana egg white oatmeal. Its basically what it says minus the oatmeal. My wife has made it for me on several occasions and it's good stuff.

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    I just eat a half a banana with almond butter on each bite plus a cup of black coffee.

    I eat small so I won't feel full working out. Then after my workout I have a real breakfast at my desk of cold stuff from home and microwaved sweet potatoes that I keep in my office.
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