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    Willpower why do you evade me?

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    I was out of town on business with my boss. Of course he wants to go out to eat every night and at lunch. I only see my boss about once a year, so I am not able to say no. My ability to stay primal shot out the door.

    When you are out of town on business with the bosses does your willpower become elusive and hard to find? Mine sure did I need to learn how to stay strong even out of town.

    Sorry had to rant.

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    Willpower is elusive. Best to rely on disgust with the current food industry, governmental regulations, and the biochemical poisoning that occurs with large boluses of nasty food. Of course, every once in while, who cares? We consume a million calories over the year. A few hundred here and there ain't gonna matter. If you're going to eat something non-primal, it better taste darn good, and enjoy the heck out of it.

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    No, because I allow myself to go off programme once in a while and I make sure that events away from home like this coincide with a 'cheat'. I make sure I am good up to the cheat and afterwards. I don't like the word cheat, it's just an occasional change in diet. I went to Prague last weekend and ate what everyone else did (food was damn good quality though) and lost 4lbs!! So long as you are back to normal the next day I don't see it as a problem.

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    "Discipline is remembering what you want."

    I heard that quote on my favorite money show, but it applies to diet as well.

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    If you view your willpower as something separate from you that comes and goes, then you'll always be struggling with it.

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    For me it is more about not wanting to put that nasty processed garbage into my body....nothing to do with willpower.

    I suspect that on some level you feel as if you are 'giving up' something. If you work on your mind set it will be easier....I can go out to eat day after day and still make healthy choices because I do not want to consume the garbage served up in most restaurants, it is icky in my book!

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    DR and PrimalChild both make excellent points!

    Me, I've found that on occasions like that, I have to picture myself wearing something like horse blinders when looking at menus. I just stick to the salad/healthy items listings and stay focused. In a pinch, I'll just order a big burger sans ketchup and not eat the bun.


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    Willpower is a bit like a muscle, that you can strengthen or let atrophy. Sometimes one's problem actually is never having learned or built willpower and self-discipline.

    But I think most of the time, willpower is a tool used in the short term while changing a habit. If a change requires constant lifelong willpower to maintain, it's not going to work. But willpower works while you build and get used to a new system that *will* work long term. If your willpower is constantly failing you, the answer is probably in changing something in the system, not in trying to increase willpower.

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    Agree with Avocado 100%. There's even research supporting that first paragraph.

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