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    Instant coffee / Freeze dried?

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    I'm looking at the cheapest and quickest way to make coffee and freeze dried interests me cause its so easy to make and I have no idea how to make coffee and don't want to spend much money on equipment. Is this type of coffee unhealthy?

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    Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Executive writes a lot about mycotoxin issues with cheap coffee, but I don't know of any specific issues with instant. Before I got the aeropress, which is awesome, I used an organic instant coffee from whole foods which was OK. An aeropress is also a fairly quick and easy way to brew a single cup from freshly ground beans.

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    Mount Hagen is very tasty and dissolves nicely in cold water as a bonus. Typical brands like Folgers are pretty vile. I've never heard of any health concerns from either.

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