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Thread: Organic vs non organic?

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    Organic vs non organic?

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    I understand getting organic is best but I live in the suburbs and im 16, so no organic farmer markets or anything for me.

    However, at my local shopping centre there is a fruit and vegie store (not the super market)
    and they sell fruit and veggie from my state online, so im Australian and I love in Victoria, I can pretty much only get food from my state or neighbouring states.

    Its a pretty secluded store but they get a steady pace of customers and the food does look fresh, even it might not be organic..

    So my question is - is that ok?

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    If you can't get or afford organic, then get what you can. Make sure to wash veggies very well if not organic, you may be able to find a natural veggie wash that will remove some of the pesticides. Also, the website has a listing of the "safest" vegetables and fruits, it's a great resource. At least with this, you can decide which are "worth" buying organic.

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