I'm new to the community and apologize in advance if this inquiry is elementary. I'm 46 years old, 6', 185lbs and have always been in above average shape. However, despite a lifetime of good, not perfect nutrition my LDL levels remain borderline high. I've been juicing daily, 90 percent primal and eating organic since January 1. Had lipid panel in August and my numbers are as follows: Total cholesterol 217, triglycerides 67, HDL 49, VLDL 13 and LDL 155. Of course I was prescribed statins. I did a little research and discovered the Iranian equation for those with low triglycerides and wondered if this formula was bonafide. I should add that I'm 99 percent dairy, bread and grain free. My diet would certainly qualify as low carb. Not boasting, but physique is a slightly larger version of Sissons. Schedule for another lipid test in 8 weeks. I'm not sure if the order will stand, since I refuse to take the pharmacological route. Any input would be appreciated.