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Thread: Just need to rant about ill coworkers skeptical of my lifestyle, please! page 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfarny View Post
    I give as many details as people are interested in, the lucky part is that they are all academics / researchers and are receptive to the scientific logic of it all.
    that makes it fun

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    thanks everyone for posting - I find these tips about how to interact with others very helpful. I have told a few people I am living a "sugar-free lifestyle" and fewer still that i have cut out grains. The lunches I bring to work now are frequently savory stews that fill the breakroom with a delicious aroma when I heat them up in the microwave and everyone comments "Oh, that smells so good!" - so I rarely get negative reactions to how I eat. Plus, there are many immigrants from various countries at my workplace and they all bring homecooked ethnic dishes that also fill the room with wonderful aromas - (Indian and Filopino food especially).

    The dilemma I am having now is that they have announced a "Biggest Loser" contest for staff who want to lose weight. I am REALLY torn between continuing to keep primal eating/living as my personal secret and sharing what I have learned with the people who are entering this contest because they do need to lose weight. I have always been slender, so weight loss was not a motivation for me to start eating primally. To my surprise I did drop 3-4 pounds since going primal, its not something anyone noticed, and if they did they might think it was weight I didn't need to lose. In otherwords, I probably have zero credibility with giving weight loss advice. The heaviest people I work with have made repeated, and well publicized attempts to lose weight - all eating low fat, low cal diets and the only one who lost noticeable weight has yo-yo'd up and down the past 2 years. It breaks my heart to see people I care about fail at this because they are misinformed by CW. As many of you know, I am a nurse and my colleagues are fellow nurses and technicians who have all been well indoctrinated into the prevailing beliefs that fat is bad, whole grains are good, low fat is the only healthy way to eat. My current beliefs are complete heresy in this environment. Add to that that I have a belief that it is none of my business to interject my opinions about how people do or don't lose weight or how they should go about it.

    And yet.....I am sitting on information that could be tremendously helpful.......aRGHHH! Maybe the best I can do is wait for an opening when they are discussing diets and weight loss and interject that I am following this way of eating for various health reasons and have seen that lots of people are having good success with major weight loss (as well as improvements in blood lipids and blood sugar) as I read the postings on this forum....they might want to look into it....

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    Hey Barb - Share the info with HALF of the people entering the contest, and see how they do! Maybe they will split the prize with you if you help them win!

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    Ahhh the explanation process! This can be very difficult when speaking to a CW brain washed person! In the past I utilized some methods that avoided the topic or just glazed over my eating habits but this failed after some time, I have some very inquisitive friends and family members! I have lost 20 lbs in 3-4 months and it has been fairly noticeable so obviously I am asked questions! Anyways, I for the most part have decided to just answer the questions and explain my lifestyle/habits in the simplest of manners to my inquirers. For the most part I have prepped my audience with a disclaimer, that they will be receiving a very quick and fast (20min) lecture usually over lunch or some other meal...while they scarf down french fries, pizza, etc. Once I have established this I go into explaining why I eat the way I do!

    Well, I do receive a lot of backlash and retorts/counter-arguments but I have scoured this forum and many other resources for back-up information and in-turn I have had some energetic and fun arguments/debates! Although I do encounter resistance I have noticed that spreading "the word" instead of shying away from such long and drawn out lectures pays huge dividends in enlightening the reluctant masses. Since I first started eating Primally, which was at the beginning of February, I have gone on to convert 4 others and at the moment I have 2 or 3 other friends of mine who will be taking on a 30 Day Primal Challenge! I personally get very excited about discussing the Primal lifestyle, I have numbers that prove so much and I beleive that we all need to help out others in any way we can. So, I sludge through the explanations! It is up to them if they want to look into it further, or not.

    Nonetheless, this is long and verbose, and Barb! You should tell at least one person! That would be awesome! Haha.

    (Excuse any errors, its late and I am tired...)

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    Yesterday, when my friends stopped for ice cream (we were at a fair), I just shrugged my shoulders and said that I was too full to enjoy ice cream.

    They're all (very nice!) nurses and *know* what's healthy. I like the whole 'actions speak louder than words' approach, coupled with 'keep it simple'. When people ask if you want something, you can just say, "No, thanks." If they push and want to know why, you can continue with a simple, honest answer:

    "because I'm not hungry"
    "because that does not appeal to me right now" (the 'right now' implies that it might, sometime in the future, to lessen their need for defense or argument)
    "I just don't" (with a smile)

    People that are truly interested will ask you sincere questions with an open mind. The control freaks that believe they're authorities on everything from what you should eat to what kind of music you should listen to aren't interested in an exchange of information; just to shove their vast knowledge down your throat. blech! So don't give them the room to keep a dialogue going. Maybe Nancy Reagan was on to something when she said, "Just Say NO".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barb View Post

    And yet.....I am sitting on information that could be tremendously helpful.......aRGHHH! Maybe the best I can do is wait for an opening when they are discussing diets and weight loss and interject that I am following this way of eating for various health reasons and have seen that lots of people are having good success with major weight loss (as well as improvements in blood lipids and blood sugar) as I read the postings on this forum....they might want to look into it....
    Those types generally like peer reviewed research from reliable sources, correct?

    Try these on for size, maybe print them and leave them around for them to read

    I am lucky that my co-workers are more open to alternatives. They know this works for me and although they don't quite buy into the 'no grains' portion, they do recognize that it has helped me and don't give me grief about the way I eat. I will work with the one person for the next almost 3 years, she is very into fitness and health, and may one day come to the dark side

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    I don't even attribute my weight loss to no grains/lower carb. I do that for health reasons - and it has given me increased energy, better sleep, better digestion, etc. But my weight loss I attribute to eating more healthy fats and maintaining a caloric deficit in addition to working out. I think not eating grains and staying below 100 grams of carbs has helped to reshape my body in a lot of ways, but when someone asks me what I am doing to lose weight... it's the good old "eating less calories and working out" answer that really makes them glaze over.

    When I am done losing and ready to go to maintenance, that won't mean a reintroduction to grains - it will be an increase in calories... so I don't call my weight loss efforts "low carb" for that reason.
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    People ask me all the time what I've been doing differently. I just tell them that I stopped eating sugar (Keep It Simple, Stupid). They nod in agreement, then stare blankly. I can see their wheels spinning and the little voice inside their heads saying "yeah, I do eat a lot of sugar...but fuck that" and then the conversation moves along. The only occasional response is essentially the same thing "Oh...yeahhhh....I love sugar way too much to ever do that" followed by nervous laughter.

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    I've told people I've cut out all grains and sugar. I focus on the grains part, though. Since cutting them I've lost all my seasonal allergies. People are very accepting of that. I do get questions about grain vs. gluten, and I tell them at this time I'm more focused on grain. I tend not to mention low carb, unless we've gotten into serious conversations. If people compare it to Atkins, I tell them no -- I do high fat, medium protein and low carb, which is different than Atkins. As for the sugar -- I joke about "sugar sobriety."
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    Well, I'm lucky in a way, since my co-workers couldn't give a hoot about what food I eat. When I started, I mentioned PB, but didn't make a big deal of it. I've had a few conversations about what I eat with one or two co-workers, but I tend only to talk about it if I'm asked.

    I wish I had the same luck with family, though. My mother seems curiously resistant to the idea of the primal way of life. Given that she's a type 2 diabetic, and my father has had some serious problems with heart disease (involving 5 heart bypasses...), I thought that they may be open to talking about PB. Boy, did I ever get that wrong. I guess my biggest mistake was saying I was "cutting out grains and sugar". I got a whole lecture about how you should "never cut out anything completely, just cut back". Then, the next time I visited, Mum decided to give me all the information she had from her diabetes dietitian, which was pretty much CW, eat plenty of whole grains etc. I've decided I won't bother saying any more about it to my parents, which is a shame, as I'm convinced that both of my parents would benefit from the primal lifestyle.

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