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Thread: Ladies that had C-sections

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    The gap is likely diastasis recti, and it can often be fixed through exercise, and if that doesn't work, insurance can cover it in reparative surgery (since it behaves like a hernia -- it is a medical condition). It can make a huge difference.

    posture can also help, making sure that your pelvis is aligned and your pelvic floor and tummy muscles support your organs!

    moisturizing and supporting your skin will help, and it may go down. I never had a "flap" but I did have loose skin under my navel after having my baby. He's now 5, and the skin is no longer loose. I dont' even have the stretch marks there/etc anymore. It's interesting -- I look like I haven't even had a kid. I had him when I was 32; I'm 37 now.

    During the post-natal time, I wore a surgical wrap (similar to the one they give you after the c-section) for the first month, then did the exercises above (even though I only had a 2 finger gap just below my navel -- very small/minor), and then the weight finally came off at 14 months (after nursing switched from primary food source to secondary food source).

    When we went primal -- almost 3 years ago -- the life like "pooch" that I had basically shrank down to nothing. About a year ago, I started this work called Postural Patterning -- where you discover your "normal" pattern and how it's causing all your problems (where you injure, where you feel stiff, etc) and then learn how to "undo" that pattern. I'm still working on a lot of details, but my stomach is now "flat" for the first time in my life because of how I hold my pelvis and actually USE my abs properly.

    And, the skin tightened up and I no longer have stretch marks -- surprisingly enough. I used to have them on my hips, butt, breasts, and below my navel (with the loose skin), and now I might have some very minor traces in those places, but nothing like I had before. I think this is due to the HA in the bone broth.

    So, start with the exercises and see what that does.

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    I had 3 out of 4 children by c-section. I was told my flap was because of scar tissue adhesion and I was told I could massage it each day to try to avoid it adhering after my last c-section. Ummm heck no that hurts.

    When I went from 240 to 165 the flat did get smaller but never went away completely. I am sure if I lost some more weight it would have been more or less gone but there would always be that line that was stuck and any excess fat would hang over it.

    A lot of people I know are swearing by those It Works wrap things for Mommy tummy.

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    I'm totally getting one of those after having another (or 2). Not sure if it would help with the flap, but it's gotta help with the pain, right?
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