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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedonist2 View Post
    I sleep very soundly and fairly restfully. I sleep so soundly that I don't move around. (Yes, I am sure.) So I'm stiff when I wake up. Would cutting out dairy and peanut butter help? It is a moot point.
    Nobody is going to pick this one up and run with it???? What is happening to this forum???

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    Quote Originally Posted by secret agent girl View Post
    So insulin results in the release or activation of tryptophan?
    Hmm, well, I like to think of of it this way....
    Tryptophan, Serotonin and Melatonin are all essential amino acids....

    Tryptophan =Affects mood, eat Protein.
    Serotonin = Affects body, eat Carbs.
    Melatonin = Affects sleep, relies on the other two.

    I suppose you could think of everyday examples.....

    Tryptophan = Dem feels off chomping a Chicken breast.
    Serotonin = Dem feels off eating Spuds (or a huge bag of Doritoes)
    Melatonin = That Roast/Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner which knocks you to sleep.

    All of this (learning) is relatively new to me, too!
    I have awful sleeping patterns, so, spacing out various Meats and Proteins will be good for keeping the mood high throughout the day.
    I'll try to fit in 2-3 carb sources, at the right times, more or less, later on in the day in late afternoon.

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