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    Angry Too many excuses!

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    Hey gang,

    I'm lean, fit, and healthy, but my diet involves way too much sugar. I would even consider myself an addict. Not cool.

    And yet, every time I try to get off the stuff, I find myself going through a litany of excuses: “just one more nice binge”, “I can start tomorrow”, “almond MnMs aren’t that bad”, “life is short, enjoy yourself”, “you’re in better shape than nearly any other middle-aged guy you know”. You get the idea.

    I can’t believe that I’m the first person to ever deal with this stuff. So, primal community, what did you do to finally get the excuse generator to shut up?

    I would sincerely appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.


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    I shoved steak and eggs into it. Jammed it up good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by accidentalpancake View Post
    I shoved steak and eggs into it. Jammed it up good.
    Me too, and bacon

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    If I were lean, fit and healthy, I would not care what I eat either. However 'nearly' would bother me & get me going. But, tbh, if you have achieved the rare state of contentment, don't f'ing mess with it. Western world almost lost it.
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    I'm there with you... I can't seem to get off the sugar... but I promise myself every day to try and as long as people don't bring in sugar it will be okay... I'm not going to do the primal/paleo cold turkey but slowly integrate the recipes and the principles into my life. I believe it's about balance...
    I don't do well on sugar, wheat and starch so I'll be trying to ditch those as much as I can but I am not going to complain about those two crackers I eat once every two weeks...

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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    For me, it's always been a mindset. I get a glimpse of myself naked and think, "Really?" A few days of back and forth with the bad habits, then I settle in and get it done. One problem I have is that other than a mirror, no foods make me sick, so I get where you're coming from if you're thin and active and feel good. IOW, if I went out and got myself a muffaletta and in the morning, I was clutching my gut from pain, it would only take a couple of episodes to get me to finally quit bread. But since virtually nothing makes me sick, the occasional bread treat does sneak in.

    One day, you'll be eating a bag of M&Ms, and it will occur to you that you could have eaten a steak with some butter on top. Or a bunch of bacon dipped in gooey egg yolk. You'll smile wisely and be a sugar addict no more.
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    On some level you're viewing future primal meals as inferior-tasting, so develop enough kitchen confidence to outcompete the sugar. Keep trying new recipes with real seasonings and you'll see how unnecessary it is.

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    For me, the biggest help has just been finding Paleo foods that I LOVE. I used to be a bit of a sugar addict but I think that because I don't feel deprived (like I would when I would just go on a "diet" previously), I don't feel the same desire to eat all that crap. Going home and eating a steak with butter is just so freakin' delicious that crappy sugary treats don't compare.

    Also, if I do feel the need to eat something sweet, a couple of squares of good, dark chocolate really helps to cure it.

    Keep going - I've been doing this for a few months now and I've found that my palate has changed a bit and those sugary cravings have practically disappeared.

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    You could always try pre-loading with fat.

    I'm not sure my experience is all that relevant, as I didn't start out 'lean fit and healthy' and it took being fat and sick to motivate. My first goal was to get my body burning its own fat, and to that end I began eating high-fat with the objective of staying near ketosis, if not exactly in it. In the very beginning I found that simply not buying stuff I didn't want to be eating was my best practical defense.

    Of course, not buying stuff happens in the store, so it helps to be immune from junk cravings while you're there! I loaded up on high-fat/low-carb foods until I wasn't hungry, then went out and bought my list of supplies dispassionately, the way you'd handle a trip to the hardware store. Not shopping hungry kept me from going off-plan with impulse buys until the cravings ultimately faded.

    Now that I'm leaner, I feel that periodically cycling in more carbs (from primal sources) helps me maintain energy levels and break plateaus. I feel we were probably evolved to mix things up a bit vis a vis fasting and overfeeding, carbs and low carb. But I'm still alarmed at how markedly these starchy, sugary 'refeed' foods increase my appetite and perpetuate a desire for more of the same. The natural seasonal scarcity that probably helped 'Grok' wean off such things is no longer an option. Instead I find myself going back to my original protocol (hflc, big-ass salads and steaks) whenever I feel things could be getting out of control. In fact, just knowing this route is always available to break the cycle has a calming influence!
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    I say this all the time, not to be a broken record, but because it gets asked a lot and it helped me. My cravings finally went away when I started eating a lot of liver and upped my meat intake to about a pound a day. Yes, first I quit soda, transitioned to snacking on nuts instead of fake yogurt and frozen pizzas, etc., but the big eureka was meat. More than I ever thought was okay to eat. But it is. It is very okay to eat a lot of meat, and that's been shown again and again. Unless you have chronic kidney disease, bad type 2 diabetes, etc., a variety of animal products high in protein is the most satiating slice of the menu you'll find. And don't be afraid to eat 2000 calories in one meal, especially if you are active and only eat once or twice a day - which is easy to do on a high-fat and or high-protein sort of approach.

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