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Thread: Kids and Sandwiches

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    Kids and Sandwiches

    For those that have kids (mine are 8 and 10), how do you get them off of bread/sandwiches in their school lunches. My 8 year old son wants a peanut butter and jelly sandwich almost every day. Our whole family could stand to lose weight, and I want to hitch them to the primal wagon with me, but it might take a while to get the kids to buy in. Any suggestions????


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    Quote Originally Posted by scottlovescourtney View Post
    peanut butter and jelly sandwich almost every day.
    Sorry to hear that! As a French, this combo sounds totally alien and quite inedible. I would rather give my kids a "parisian" sandwich (baguette, butter, ham - top quality and organic ingredients) than that combo ... cultural difference in "taste upbringing".

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    Pepperandwiches (bell peppers stuffed with whatever you put into a sandwich) and a thermos with whatever food she loves. Like meatzza! Larabars help too. My 7 yo kiddo usually is off to school with a box of veggies, thermos, a fruit and a Larabar. She had to have a few discussion in the lunchroom about what is healthier - her meat or their bread. She loves science so DK books on ancient humans with their awesome pics helped to get her into ancestral diet. And, the idea that when she gets a cake, like for a special occasion, she can have as much as she wants
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    I would treat Primal as something for "big boys and girls" and adults. If the eight year old really wants that sandwich, it's possible to let him have the two slices of bread a day and have that be part of his 20 (as in 80/20). Maybe you could switch out the peanut butter for a different nut butter? Try to get the best quality jelly with the fewest preservatives, dyes, etc.? Would he like slices of apple to dip into a different/real nut butter on occasion? The occasional fib that you "forgot" to buy bread, so what would be his second choice?

    If all his/their other meals are Primal, this bit of bread won't hurt them unless they have a specific sensitivity to it.

    IOW, I wouldn't force, but I would encourage.
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    We switched to crackers instead of bread. But we buy them sparingly and once they run out, we move on. My kids are only 3 and 5 though. You could also look into buying/making gluten free bread as you get started, then transition them to other things as they get more used to eating real food.

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    I am only just starting to improve my kids packed lunches but here are my tips:
    Make your own bread, it's denser and more filling and has no preservatives etc in it. Once they get used to that, a transition to paleo bread is easier
    Meat and eggs- today my daughter took sausages (gluten free), hard boiled eggs and some cooked chicken pieces instead of a sandwich
    Rice cakes-not really paleo but also not grains, good with nut butters but my fussiest loves them with proper butter spread quite thickly
    They all take tubs of chopped fruit, some veggies like cucumber, carrots, also cheese is good-sticks, cubes or if you must tempt a fussy eater I found that cutting out shapes helped (stars, hearts, flowers)

    Basically focus on whole foods and don't worry too much about a couple of slices of bread

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    Nom Nom Paleo has some great ideas for kids lunches.

    Paleo Lunchbox

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    I would pack a rotating variety of cold protein (chicken, tuna, yogurt, ricotta), boiled fingerling potatoes or rice, fruit, and any vegetables they might like (carrot sticks, green beans, pickles).

    A child making food requests is a very recent problem. For most of history they either ate a portion from the stew pot or they didn't--they'll stop requesting white bread once they accept it's not on the menu. Kids are always searching for parental leadership even when they act bossy.

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    Bake gluten free bread at home with rice flour, potato flour, tapioca, etc. and all quality ingredients.
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    A little off-topic, but with all the allergies these days I'm surprised they allow peanuts in your kids' school.

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