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Thread: Kids and Sandwiches

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    My youngest gets fruit and meat since he is on stage 3 of SCD diet. My oldest has never had any issue so he gets quality food (no preservatives, best source), but he is allowed gluten free bread for lunch at least a few days a week.

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    Good thread. I've been looking at how to get my kids to eat better. Lunches so far this year have been standard SAD fare. I'm fairly certain my son hasn't eaten a vegetable in years. I've thought about just meat and cheese no bread or paleo bread haven't found where to get it yet.
    I find your lack of bacon disturbing.

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    Hello! I switched my kids over to mostly primal a year ago... They are 10,12 and 14 and it was not an easy task, but they have come so far!! Sandwiches were a big deal for us as well. They get lunch meat or jerky in place of sandwiches. With that is a veggie (usually carrots or bell pepper) fruit, trail mix or homemade "bars." I have them take leftovers in place of lunch meat/jerky several times a week. For field trips and special occasions I get gluten free bread and they get their sandwiches. Breakfast cereal was another hard one!

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    You know those Japanese bento lunchboxes?

    I took this idea and adapted it for my kids lunchboxes [ages 7,8 and 13]
    So they have loads of little plastic tubs with a variety of stuff in - cheese cubes, various meats, mini sausages, mini scotch eggs, raisins, carrot sticks, tuna & sweetcorn etc. along with a piece of fruit/yoghurt and a drink. I basically replaced their sandwiches with meaty things and added more variety. They do get a sandwich every now and then if Ive run out of other stuff! But I don't worry too much about that.
    Only thing is it doesn't work with my 13 year old anymore, even if I give her things she likes she wont eat it at school. Must be a phase.

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    I have a 16 y.o. and I've been sending him with deli meat/cheese rolled up, fruit and veggies. At his age, he doesn't want to be noticed so we don't use a bento box or thermos. My problem is making sure he has enough food to last him the day.

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