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Thread: Eating waaaay too much fat -- what to cut out?

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    I get a lot of my nuts & seeds at; I see that their raw macadamia nut pieces are $10 a lb... slightly cheaper than the typical $11+ per lb that whole ones typically cost. For your reference, here are some macadamia options at that site:

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    Yeah, but shipping kills the deal, bringing it up past $1 per ounce. I did find that site before and was thrilled until they added shipping. I think my best option is to continue buying the roasted macadamia nuts from Trader Joe's, $6.99 for a 10oz bag.

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    good point; I tend to ignore the shipping cost. For me, the convenience of big selection at NutsOnline trumps the shipping cost problem, but I'll have a look at Trader Joe's nut selection, as well.

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    I just read about muscular dystrophy on Wikipedia. Some horrible stuff there! I hope yours is one of the milder forms.

    It seems to me, while I profess ignorance of your situation, that the answer shouldn't be learning to do without a bathroom for 12 hours, but rather, figuring out a way you can use a bathroom (or some kind of equivalent) at work. Whatever your physical condition, I'm sure that chronic dehydration isn't exactly enhancing it.

    I'm also having nerve problems, but compared to muscular dystrophy, I'd be ashamed to complain. I'm working my way through the aftermath of an unusual variant of Guillain Barre Syndrome, called Miller Fisher. It's a myelin damage problem, an immune system confusion which comes on very fast, eating the myelin sheath around the nerves. By talking about it here and there, and reading up, I've found various leads to try to shorten the healing time. Eventually most people get over most of this, with or without treatment, but some older people have lasting deficits. I'm 64.

    I understand the tendency to take a lot of supplements, and I hope yours are working for you. I've been taking ashwagandha, rubbing progesterone cream around my semi-paralyzed eyes and hands with bad neuropathy, taking "Nerve Support Formula" containing benfotiamine and methyl B12 -- that's one VERY GOOD supplement for neuropathy! Benfotiamine (a form of Vitamin B1 which can be easily absorbed and persists in the body) is very good for preventing glycation (sugar combining with protein) as well as its effect on healing nerves. Methyl B12 is the form the body uses, and can be well absorbed in a sublingual tablet. Both B1 and B12 (in these very good forms) are helpful for preserving and healing nerves and myelin sheath. Also reading a good book called "Masering Leptin", and I will soon get another good book talking about the perils of fructose and uric acid.

    No matter the problem, one can get distracted by one new study after another. It seems the discoveries come fas and furious, year after year.

    I hope very much that you find the health you seek, Kate.

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    Thanks for your input and kind words, piano-doctor-lady. Glad to hear that you've found some resources that are helping you!

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