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Thread: How To Stop Dieting And Stay Healthy Forever

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    Hey Groks & Grokettes,

    I wrote an article for my website on How to Stop Dieting And Stay Healthy Forever.

    It's inspired by my journey of uncovering my food allergies through Primal living, and shows other people the process behind creating long-term diet habits that we've all found here.

    The premise is simple: Any diet that 1) helps you reach your weight goals, 2) keeps your energy levels high, and 3) prevents you from getting sick is one that will work in the long-run.

    This is why Primal/Paleo works so well

    I'd love to get your feedback on what you think about the article!

    Here's the link: How To Stop Dieting And Stay Healthy Forever



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    Thanks for your sharing!!

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