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Thread: Tips for avoiding snacking?

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    In a sense, snacking is "normal". Your body senses that there is calorie-dense food around, which of course might change at any time. Who knows, there might be a life-threatening famine coming up soon?

    What is not normal is having ready-to-eat snack food available with no work required. If there was always cat food on the floor, all my cats would be little barrels.

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    I have in general the same issue... besides my hunger-break down around 3 in the afternoon I snack out of habit. It's a family thing.
    I would say a solution is to start smoking... but I guess it's more healthy to snack.:-)

    My serious advise is to find something to do with your hands... for women it's easy, start knitting, sowing etc... but for men it's a bit more difficult... I can't imagine a "cave-man" sitting down to knit... but maybe you can pick up a hobby to do with your hands... painting, drawing, wood works, sculpting, etc... something you can pick up quickly when you feel bored and the need to snack

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    i think fasting helped me kick cravings. a lot. ever since i started different fasting times, i've gotten a lot better at eating a few meals each day, healthy meals, and really enjoying them. at work, we have a bowl of candy in the lounge, people bring in donuts and pop and fast food for us, but i just haven't eaten any in a while due to fasting. i stop eating at 7 or 8 p.m. and actually eat starting at any where from 12-3 p.m. i think it comes down to mostly willpower and just telling yourself "no" when you see junk food. maybe you can try a fast of your choice on just one day out of the week and see if that helps. good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    Eat enough nutrient-dense satiating food at your meals that you aren't hungry for snacks. If you're nutrient-replete, the cravings will lessen.

    Otherwise, you might want to look into the whole food reward hypothesis and try eating blander foods for a little while. I'm sure somebody has a link to a good synopsis.
    I agree whole-heartedly with this. I was going to say, eat more nutrient dense foods, they tend to keep you full far longer than food with less nutrition. I actually adore eating high protein (wild meats and fish) because I could honestly eat a burger at 8 am and not be hungry until 4 or 5 pm that same day - No snacking here!

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    The only way I can avoid snacking is either:
    Being in an enviroment where it is impossible/too costly to snack.
    Being immersed enough in what I'm doing to snack.

    An example of the former is when I'm outside the house. I don't like buying snacks because I earning minimal money and would rather spend it on other things. The latter is if I get really immersed in a piece of entertainment like a video game or movie I won't snack. The opposite, when I'm sitting in the house bored, I find myself going to the fridge.

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