I have an extremely bad habit of snacking on crap and then that sets off a major chain reaction of binging. I know myself and I'm positive I am not snacking because I am hungry and need the food. I am snacking because of bad habits and basically boredom.

What are some good ways I can break this nasty habit/addiction? Right now I just try to chug a glass of water and find an activity to take my mind off of it. Or if I do get a snack, I try to opt for high protein/low carb stuff so that the carbs and sugar won't set off a big chain reaction for me.

I am F, 30yo, 5'6", 219lb, been primal for 2 weeks and lost 8lbs so far. My husband refuses to go primal/paleo and I have 2 very young children so I can't just toss out all the carbs and snacks in the house.