Second test since going Paleo/Primal (I guess I'm mostly Paleo now I don't eat dairy).
First test wasn't as in-depth, but these are the results, along with CW medical interpretations:
-Cholesterol: 5.4mmol/l (high end of healthy)
-trigs: 0.9mmol/l (optimal)
-B12: 500pg/ml (optimal)
-Folate: 14.4ng/ml
(slightly high)
-D3: 12.3ng/ml / 29.9nmol/l (low)

Current results:
-Cholesterol: 4.4mmol/l (high end of optimal)
-HDL: 1.51 (optimal)
-LDL: 2.6 (ideal)
-trigs: 0.6mmol/l (low)
Calculated total: very low cholesterol. Based on Cholesterol Chart Know your Cholesterol Levels.

-B12: 697pg/ml (high)
-Folate: 13.2ng/ml
-Ferritin: 86ng/ml (normal)
-Haemoglobin concentration: 15.2g/dl (high)

-D3: 26ng/ml / 65nmol/L (high end of normal)

Sooo... I'd say I'm doing well. Anyone see a problem with the reading?
I also have a full anemia-count (ferritin, red blood cell width distribution, neutrophil, all that jazz) which came out as 'normal'.