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Thread: McDonald's hamburger looks the same 14 years later

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    i know! this was over 12 years ago and i only tried it as i read about some anti GE campaigner who had a 2 yr old one which hadnt moulded. i was expecting the bun and the lettuce to decompose or get some mould or it to be an urban legend. but no. and auckland is humid and hot so plenty of opportunity for everything to go mouldy very easily. thankfully i have never ever had a mcd burger in my life.

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    True anti aging food.

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    Interesting. Every McD burger I've purchased has undergone drastic transformation within, oh, 18 to 24 hours. This must've been one of those magical ones made for a commercial...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AMonkey View Post
    If you left fresh minced meat out, it certainly wouldn't look like that 14 years later.
    No, but if you took a cooked patty of organic, grass fed beef and left it out it WOULD look exactly the same 14 years later. A guy actually did the experiment, although not for an entire 14 years of course. What's going on is dessication, it'll happen to any piece of beef of the same dimensions. Make it bigger and it will rot.

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