If anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it. I posted on some other forums too but I thought I would ask around here. Anyways, yesterday I got an Australian shepherd. Male, 6 months old. He's very fearful. I grew up with dogs my whole life, and I know they're always shy in a new home. But this one is beyond that. He won't move from a certain spot unless you make him. He hasn't peed once since I got him. He's terrified of the other dogs (he's never met big dogs, they always kept him out in the back yard, never really been in a car, never been on a leash, etc). A few minutes after we got him in the yard yesterday, he found a way out and ran. We found him and he actually came back to us, which I thought was a good sign. He tried to lay down every few seconds while I walked him back home, but when he did this I would just pick him up again and keep walking and say, "Come" and it worked relaly well. But now he's in my room and he just lies there looking terrified and occasionally hyperventilating slightly. I tried taking him to the yard to pee, and nothing. I don't know what to do. Cesar Milan says to be assertive and lead him to what you want. Everywhere else says that's too forceful and to let him do things at his own pace. I just don't know if his own pace will ever allow him to do anything. Please give me some advice if you have any--it's really sad