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Thread: Do you have "cheat" meals/treats?

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    Do you have "cheat" meals/treats?

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    Hi, so I was wondering, do you ever eat non paleo foods? If so how often? If not, why?

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    Now that so many of my friends and family are also Paleo or halfway there, I just eat what looks good if I get served a meal. Usually a bunch of meat and some cooked veggies or similar is available. But Primal Blueprint includes chocolate, cheese, etc. so I really count those as my treats. That, and my coffee. Once in a rare while ice cream, definitely less than monthly.
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    But I include tbsp nut butter , dark 90% Choc a treat

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    I cheat on 85% dark chocolate for 70% upon occasion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryKiwi47 View Post
    I cheat on 85% dark chocolate for 70% upon occasion.

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    85% Green & Blacks in the cupboard right now. I won't tell if you won't ; )
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    My favourite treats are actually primal - things like dark chocolate and dried fruit. Or frozen berries/cream icecream. So I have them whenever I like, which is often.

    I will sometimes eat things like peanut butter, rice wafers, potato fries that I only regard as semi-primal but feel comfortable enough to call them my 20%.

    I rarely "cheat" now with horrid things like fizzy drink or fish and chips because they no longer appeal and do actually make me feel bad. I either do it from free choice if the offered food looks truly delicious or extra special occasion (such as golden wedding, not just another morning tea).

    My family LOVE and miss my lasagne so I made them some and ate it with them for the sharing. It was still mostly primal so - 20% again.

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    I eat chocolate that contains a few questionable ingredients. Have it about once a week.
    Every few months I eat a take-away or something else that's mostly Primal, but has a bit of MSG and/or sugar.
    A few times a year I eat at the O&C club. Try and stick fairly Primal (easy, as the food is very high-quality), but some sugar or wheat or oats may sneak in.
    When busy all day I will probably eat a pile of chips. Had them maybe 5 times this year.
    And I have sausages with about-under 5% rusk every once in a while. Typically 85%+ meat, herbs and veg.

    This past week as an example:
    1: 0
    2: Sausages and burgers with some rusk.
    3: Sausages with some rusk.
    4: 0
    5: Sausages with some rusk. Tropical mix with some sugar. Chocolate.
    6: 0
    7: 0
    Not THE most typical week. We bought about 20 sausages here (locally reared pork, locally made sausages, about 80% pork) and I ate most of them.
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    I eat non-primal foods on occasion. I don't call it cheating. IMO, for me, something like a chocolate croissant is not a bad food, just something I don't need to eat very often. I have occasional meals with non-primal elements- I had a burger with a bun last week- but it was pastured pork, bacon, grassfed cheddar, tomato, cucumbers for the side dish. IMO, most of that meal was really quite primal except the bun.

    My main departure from primal is eating grains, but I am going from a diet that used to be 75% grains to one where they are like maybe 1%.

    I hate the "cheat" mentality because this is a lifestyle and I hate the thought of feeling guilty when I enjoy a certain food. I want a life where I enjoy food, not one where I feel guilty or crappy because I eat something not perfectly healthy. I do think there is a line though because you can't expect health if you eat less healthy food all the time. Luckily, I really enjoy primal foods, so it is not a huge issue for me.
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    About 4x/month I'll either eat a ton of sushi with rice, pasta at an Italian resturaunt, homemade pizza (wheat and all), or big ole burgers...bun and all, or go to a buffet....anything goes. All those non-primal, but its just what I wanna eat at the time. Unlike many here, I have no digestive or other health disorders and am not trying to lose weight. My "cheats" aren't these little ..."can I have another apple?".

    On an every other day basis I may have some honey in my coffee, but I don't consider that the same as the above pizza .

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    I usually 'cheat' once a week on a pizza or wawa hoagie, but I have to earn it first with an extra intense workout. Otherwise the massive carb load just makes me feel fat and bloated instead of being used to restore glycerin stores.

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