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Thread: A case for eliminating "macro" and "micro" nutrients page 2

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    If somebody feels more comfortable ignoring their protein intake because they aren't sure about CoenzymeQ10, go for it. Wouldn't work for me, though.

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    I get my coenzyme Q10 from beef heart. Is that still good? I fall behind easily...

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    OK should apologize for that. I just really don't like the use of the term CICO in any context. Yes, we all know that the "CO" part of CICO is really darn complex, and CICO is sorta true, mainly because CO is really complex.

    But to the SAD community, CICO is the philosophy with a very clear and simple meaning. It's also the philosophy that makes people fat and sick and frustrated, like Kelly Korg. I'm just hoping there's some other name out there for all the n=1's so we can avoid using CICO. I like the "fat grams in minus fat grams out for people who are already fat-adapted." But you can't fit that on a bumper sticker. Maybe "Primal with extra carbs" or something like that.
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