I live in a desirable beach town in Southern California and have all my life. This is what it is really like.

First of all, the people who live in my town are very spoiled. We are comfortable when the outside temperature is between 68 and 72 and we complain to the weather man when it isn't in this range. Fortunately, it's within this range a great deal of the year. But this fact has its drawbacks.

For as long as I've lived I have never lived in a house or apartment that had air-conditioning. Why bother if it's always so mild? I do not like air-conditioning anyway and would rarely ever turn it on even if I had it. A few times I've lived in places that had no heater, but this is rare.

We've just had 2 weeks of unbearably hot and humid weather. It's been in the upper-80s to mid-90s with humidity that would probably make most of you who suffer humidity laugh at us. But that didn't stop us from complaining bitterly. You see, we have no air-conditioning. None at home. Many of us (me) don't even have it at the office. So to bear it, we have to open windows and doors and hope air will circulate. Perhaps we will resort to buying a fan. Sometimes the IT department won't let us put fans or heaters in our offices and so we suffer. At night, people will sleep outside. I have been sleeping on the couch in the living room because the bedroom is too hot. I wouldn't dare sleep outside otherwise the "wildlife" (skunks, possums and raccoons) would be walking all over me. We go to movies to escape the heat. Or choose restaurants that have outdoor seating. It usually starts to cool off in the evening so this buys us a little relief and time to let our houses cool off at home.

I have had to drink lots of diet lemonade. I know it's not primal but it's the easiest way to choke down enough cold water to cool off a little bit. Another thing I've had to do is put an ice pack under my Macintosh to prevent it from overheating and burning my legs up. I take my shoes and socks off at work for relief. I have had to cut back on exercise since the gym (which has air conditioning) is closed and it's just too hot to do anything more strenuous than sit under a shady tree. I've done a lot of sitting under our shady avocado trees, but that has been an exercise in russian roulette because huge bacon avocados have been falling with a loud crack onto the deck, exploding guacamole everywhere. One of these days I could be seriously hurt.

When the heat finally breaks, the fog rolls in. Then it is cold and humid. Some people like the fog but I think it is cold and gloomy. The strangest thing about sleeping in the living room on the couch has been that I can see the sky through the window and the sky has stars in it. I can't remember the last time the sky had stars. It usually has fog.

The other inconvenience we sort of default to because of our "lack" of weather is that often there aren't screens on the doors or windows. To open the windows means to open yourself to whatever would like to come in. Fortunately we have few bugs, but now and then there are hatches of strange chitinous creatures or moths that you just don't want in your house. Usually the problem is the neighborhood wildlife. Neighbor cats seem to make themselves at home, sometimes dogs, and once I looked up to see a skunk exploring my living room!

It's like living in some kind of primal past, actually, if you think about it. No wonder Malibu Mark came up with the Primal Blueprint. We're already living so primitively here in So Cal anyway.