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Thread: The truth about what it's like to live on the beach in So Cal

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    sbhikes - coming from someone who lives in WI (and just spent the summer in northern MN), what you're describing sounds totally awesome. I want to move there now.

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    This sounds a lot like Pacific Northwesteners complaining about the, oh, ten days a year we get above 85 degrees. Sure, we have no AC, but come on, it's only 10 days! I grew up here, so I'm used to the cycle, I guess. A lot of people are such wimps that they go and buy AC systems for those 10 days of heat. I just use fans and deal with it! We, however, did take a few trips to the movies, or the mall, or Target for air conditioning on the few 90-100 degree days a few years back .

    I commiserate about the lack of screens, though! Usually houses here have them, but when Knifegill and I were renting, we were in a 1920s house without screens, and the landlord had painted the already-hard-to-open windows shut. So, for 5 years we had fans situated around the house to blow "cold" air up from the basement. Once it cooled down outside, we'd open all our doors and use all our fans to circulate in some outside air. Flies came inside, of course, but that wasn't the main concern. We couldn't leave our doors open long--and I wouldn't leave them open at all when I was alone--because we lived in a higher crime area. I'll take a raccoon over a crazy drug addict, bugler, or rapist. We had many 80-90 degree nights inside our house . Icky! I am so glad we moved out of there and now live on the northside of a hill, shaded by trees, in a safe rural area, with SCREENS on our windows. What a blessing screens are!

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    Sounds tough. It has been very humid with highs in the low 60s here. Sometimes I break out in a sweat and have to take off a layer of fleece.

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    I live in Central Florida. Its mostly just hot. 80 to 90 whatever and in the direct sun, just baking, period.
    I love it here, weather is awesome, I'm outside all the time, but no AC?? No thank you! Even when I stay on the coast, on the water, its great to be outside on the deck, at the pool or the beach, but if I'm in the house, I want AC! My house overlooks a lake, its great on the deck in the screened pool, especially late evening but still, When I'm done with outside, I want AC.

    Sorry about your head!

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    We definitely have window screens here to keep out all manner of bugs. And fans. Window fans. Lots of window fans. It sounds like here in the Northeast we experience more hot and humid weather than you do.

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    Ah, the heat finally broke and the fog rolled in. Now it'll be months of boredom, no weather at all, until around Christmas where we'll all be shivering under blankets and down jackets in the office because there's no heat. Then spring will hit in January and all will be well again for a few months until once again, the endless fog brings an end to all weather until the next heat wave, which could be years from now.
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    Thank God for the fog! I actually used my floor heater in my office this morning....SBHikes, we survived the heat wave, lol!

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    Most of the rest of my work team are situated in Santa Barbara. We have fun comparing weather. Our temps are cooling down to the SB average around this time of year and while I am switching to pants, they are still wearing Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts.
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    I am also in central Florida. The central A/C gets turned on around April 15 and off around October 15. In a most years, we won't turn on the heat at all in the winter. October to April is dry and mild, with hardly any rain. This is why I moved here from Chicago almost 20 years ago. I saw photos in the Hiking thread and I was unexpectedly repulsed by the sight of snow and the thought of hiking in the cold.
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    I've lived most of my (long) life near the coast in So Cal, and am indeed spoiled. One of the best parts is being able to ride a bike year round. Produce and wine selection is better than 95% of the rest of the country. Downside? No easily available Virginia ham

    Seriously, Virginia ham is easily obtainable anywhere in the Old Dominion, and you can't find it here. In California "ham" is either deli slices of unnatural uniformity or a brined pork leg with some artificial smoke flavor.

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