I'm hoping to hear that it can be done and maybe even get some tips for success. A quick background - I am F, 40, 5'7", 180lbs. 5 years ago I was 315, a daily drinker and pack a day smoker. I managed to get sober, quit smoking and lose 120 or so lbs. I got stuck around 200 for a few years and then found Primal in April of this year. Things really seemed to click for me, I felt amazing, energetic, no mood swings, dropped 20+ lbs and seemingly ended the cycle of carb binge, starvation diet, carb binge etc.

It was awesome, THE answer I had been seeking my whole life. And then it happened. One day I ate a cookie, and it resulted in a 5 day carb/sugar binge. I got back on track for another few months, but now it's happened again. I ate one sugary thing a few days ago and have been binging on junk since then. It's frustrating to keep doing something that its making me feel like shit both physically and mentally. Stopping booze and cigarettes was hard, but now that its been years, I don't crave it and don't think about it. Food is much harder in some ways. I have to make decisions about food multiple times a day.

My goal here is to feel good and make choices that support that. I realize that ultimately it's my choice and my choice alone what i put in my body, but sometimes it feels like I'm on autopilot making bad choices even though it is literally making me sick.

So I'm wondering if anyone else in this community has dealt with this with any success? What has worked for you?