I am not sure what is wrong, or what is going on.

Since I went Primal almost 3 weeks ago, I have a 'smell'. I used to not even use deodorant, and never had a smell problem. Now, I can't even stand to raise my arms and apparently my pores are creating a smell. Even my pee is strong smelling and it never was before.

I bought an herbal deodorant at the health food store, but it isn't working. I am getting worried.

On Sunday I started a Whole 30, so I am not eating dairy anymore either.

Am I just detoxing??? Will it go away.

Sample menu - what I ate today

5.30am - 3 scrambled eggs, 1/2 cup shredded beef, 1 fresh peach
10am - 10 macadamia nuts
12am - 1 homemade beef jerky
2pm - 12 oz steak, large green salad

That is all I plan to eat today.