I realize everyone is different, so let me just preface with that...

After reading an article yesterday, it just got me thinking about some things and I wanted to put it out there. How many calories a day do you consume? (I also realize there is alot that goes into that in terms of proportion...but I'm just asking for some general idea). How do you adjust it based on your activity level? What, in your opinion or what you've found, seems to be a good number?

The article I read stated that she firmly believed no adult should be consuming less than 1800 calories per day. Period. (no, i don't believe everything I read...It just got me wondering)

It got me wondering because, right now, I'm sitting at about 1200-1300 a day. I've been doing PB for over 2 months and, after the first month where I wasn't tracking, have dropped a few pounds. I think I still am...slowly...but I don't weigh often. I just notice how I feel and observe in the mirror. Sadly (and yes, I know, fail) I haven't incorporated as much of the fitness part yet. I try to walk, but I don't get very much in. Nor do I get much "lift heavy things" in. My job has been nuts--life is stressfull--etc etc. Excuses, I know. Needless to say, that is my calorie number with not that much activity. When I'm hungry, I eat...if I'm not hungry, I don't. I don't really feel deprived--maybe occasionally.

To summarize, it got me thinking...am I too low? Am I doing my body harm by eating at this level? I plan on upping things as i'm able to up activity but, as stated before, haven't yet. I don't really know what is "too low", but I know your body can adjust to things....so when I am no longer trying to lose, and looking to maintain, is my body going to freak out if I add on more calories?

It just got me thinking and I was hoping some of you bright people might chime in