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Thread: Interesting lecture on the effects of fructose

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    Interesting lecture on the effects of fructose

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    Tom, on his blog 'Fathead the Movie' (great movie by the way), posted a lecture about the effects of fructose:

    As Dr. Johnson explains here, fructose affects the appetite and promotes weight gain, and at the same time it depletes energy.
    All three are interesting, but in the last he talks about the evolutionary reasons why our bodies might be predisposed to gaining weight when consuming fructose. Interesting stuff.

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    I read a really good book by David Gilespie called SWEET POISON.
    He has a blog and a website dedicated to sugar

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    interesting yes, but nothing new... not a big surprise that fruit has not been a diet staple (at least in such amounts as it is consumed now) in our history.
    fruit should be a treat... and more than fruit the treat should be berries.
    but on this site the fruit is wholesome myth is the most pertaining CW bit of info...
    challenge yourself
    i blog here

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    another lecture you might be interested in is sugar:the bitter truth.
    it is available on youtube. its all about fructose and how the body digests it in a biochemical sense. oh i should say go after the doctor's lecture. underground wellness did one too but it doesnt go into the nitty gritty quite so much, but it is still good.

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