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Thread: Zero drop hiking boots/shoes

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    Quote Originally Posted by texas.grok View Post
    I like the looks of those boots but I hate to be the safety geek here (I'm an HSE director....its what I do), but the no heel could be a safety hazard if you do much ladder climbing. The projected heels will keep your foot from slipping through the rungs.

    Safety first! And all that jolly shit
    I work in an autoparts dept, on a concrete slab all day. I don't do ladders after an incident I had about 10 years back.

    Edit: I also like that when you wear long pants, they can also pass for dress shoes. I just hate having multiple pairs of shoes for different purposes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirlot View Post
    I agree with what you are saying if you walk in and out of water in dry areas but it is not about going in and out of the water, hiking in the Rockies in Canada the ground is often constantly damp or raining all the way to walk it out.
    Where is the sweat going to go? And what about the rain that rolls down your pants and into your socks? Your feet are going to be wet no matter what you do.

    But don't believe me. Listen to Andrew Skurka. He knows way more than I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom B-D View Post
    I got the Tactical boots last year and wore the through the winter. While the foot position is better than my old boots (heel drop), the soles aren't flexible. I'm so used to Vibrams, Vivobarefoot, and Merrell Trail Glove that the inflexibility felt restricting. If you want some ground contact feel, I'd recommend checking out the Vivibarefoot boots ( I haven't tried them yet).
    Compared to minimalist shoes, yes, I could see that. I found that when I got my mini-mil boots I intentionally stepped on sidewalk cracks and other interesting surfaces just because I could feel them. Not as well as in my shoes, but far better than any boot I've ever tried.

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