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Thread: Really low testosterone...or maybe not

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    One other thing to consider is lifestyle factors out of your control. I read that having young kids reduces testosterone--if for no other reason than that it messes with your sleep. Now my kids are 7 and almost 4. The last two years of my kids getting older makes a huge difference for a lot of reasons. I do take ZMA a few hours before bed but only on nights when I worked out some during the day so perhaps 3 to 4 times a week. I also take about 2 to 3000 IUs of Vitamin D, depends on the weather. I stopped drinking coffee about a year ago and only drink tea and usually fast nearly 24 hours one day of the week.

    PrimalHunter, I would give it awhile longer. It's hard to diagnose things here. If you just have a really stressful job or even a stressful period of your life (short term job stress; kids, spouse, or family causing stress; something else) this could be messing with you. I would also really dial in sleep and lifestyle stress, those are the most important in my mind, meditate or only read fiction an hour or two before you go to bed for awhile, get ear plugs, white noise, whatever it takes, if you sleep alone, get a sleep apnea study done (my wife had one because I complained and this lead her to lose some weight because she had a minor apnea problem but if you sleep alone nobody else would know). Even though all these aforementioned factors improving T are somewhat related, I'd say the most crucial one is sleep.
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