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Thread: My Handstand advice for what it's worth !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterlily View Post
    Thanks Zach!
    Just tried it and it feels the same but helps with balance.
    Will it go away when I'm better at it? Am I building wrists muscles??? (feel so silly asking...)
    Yep, happens with olympic lifting too. Your wrists are just not used to bearing load at the angle. If it starts hurt a lot then just rest and work on a different version. You could also try paralletes as well. That way you are holding onto a handle and your wrist are in a more neutral line.

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    Hyper extension the spine is no joke when doing handstands. Hand horrible form for a while, and my spine suffered. Stopped doing handstands for a few weeks, then relearned proper form. OPs suggestion is great. An alternative that I found very helpful is doing the tripod balance. This is where you balance on your forearms and head for three points of stability. Holding this position is great for building the core strength you need to keep your spine in a straight line. From here, progress to balancing on head and hands. then try to press up from this position into a static handstand. After a few weeks of progression, I was able to handstand in perfect form and hold static for probably 20 seconds. I can perform one handstand pushup at a time without using a wall. If i am really stable, sometimes i can yield two handstand pushups. Try it out, i love them, and I dedicate 1 of my 3 days of exercise to strictly doing handstands, handstand pushups, planches, and transitioning from sitting, to L sit, to planche, to pressing up into a handstand. great workout for shoulders and core!

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    That is a good idea thanks the last time I tried the other method of pushing up and over against the wall, my arms gave in and I fell on my I had a headache for days.....not done it since LOL
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    I could not get in the hand stand by kicking off the ground, so I just walk out to the wall or playground set too. I will try the wall crawl on a Good Wrist day. Men, I wish my wrist did not hurt so easily. Lol, talk about being old!
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    My qi gong teacher used to be on the Chinese gymnastic team, and her big advice watching me kick up against the wall was to extend more--get the shoulders up by the ears. If you're upright, hands over your head, it's like you shrug. Seems to stabilize the chain. FWIW.

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    Welp, my planks are up to a shaky 30 seconds, but holding myself upside down, a couple of feet out from the wall via wall-crawl is still only 10 seconds. I suppose it will take time!
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    A little handstand inspiration story I posted, just wanted to drop this here:

    And also just want to add that my handstand progress has been tremendous in a month and I even had to take some time off due to an injury. How is everyone else doing?

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