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Thread: I lack the will power! I hope this forum can help me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    LOL, you won't win. Fat is magickal and as long as you never eat carbs, you can drink coconut oil all day long. Bottoms up!
    +1. Bottoms up !

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    I would suggest reading "It Starts With Food" and giving the Whole 30 a shot. Regardless of where you stand on the evil of grains, the book does a good job of explaining why we still feel hungry when we eat food that is less nutritious and why we feel satisfied when our bodies are getting sufficient nutrients. The Whole 30 part is basically an experiment you do on your own body so you dont have to rely on what all of the experts say on a forum.

    I found a couple of simpe statements especially helpful. The first was the idea that everything we put in our mouths makes us more healthy or less healthy. There is no Switzerland. So sure, we can shoot for a calorie deficit eating Big Macs but we all know those patties arent making us healthier regardless of whether we find a way to lose weight doing it.

    The second concept was not to snack. Eat 2 or 3 meals a day that include protein, lots of veggies when possible and some healthy fat. Snacking is a habit. So it's great when you have your lunch box with healthy things in it but when you run out you are going to grab whatever you can because you are in the habit of snacking, i.e. donut.

    Once the whole 30 is done you can start to add things back in but hopefully the habit of eating good meals is solid. Then you can decide if you think you are ok eating rice or not. I found that eating solid, healthy meals kept me from wanting to stop for junk.

    In my experience, the calorie in calorie out thing is a dangerous code to live by. Sure, you will likely lose weight if you eat less than you burn but there are two problems when that food is fast food. First, obviously, the food isnt that healthy and you arent getting the nutrients you need. Now I know the poster above isnt talking about only eating fast food but rather eating it when you dont have choices. The problem with his method is, not many people can eat that food and stay in calorie deficit. Primarily because when most people eat those foods they are not satisfied and they feel like they need to eat more food. I know personally I would have a terrible time trying to eat that way. If I start eating at a fast food joint I just want to keep eating.

    Give the book or at least the Whole 30 some consideration. Both helped me understand how I react to eating certain foods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxide View Post
    So old folks need to move on from the play ground so you can have it to yourself.
    My success is the "last" 10 pounds. I know full well that this isn't very impressive, so a year ago I enlisted a co-worker as a more dramatic test case. He was overweight despite 15 years of serious biking and weight lifting -- you know, lots of "calories out." He went primal with some reluctance and lost 45 pounds.

    I really don't know what to do. I wasn't expecting such resistance to quoting primal principles on a primal forum.
    Yeah, you can cut the nanny state bs, we don't need labels for everything for the poor "newbies"
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    I just find it hilarious that you could modify anything else about Primal -- add in some things (20% after all), remove some that you don't like -- but go over the holy carb curve and all of a sudden, "DO NOT PASS GO! DO NOT COLLECT $200"

    It works for the sedentary (arguably) I guess, but the ones that push for higher carbs are also the ones that seem to do more activity and are passionate about performance. Be it heavy lifting or whatever else. 151g does not make a person obese because they passed over the limit.

    That's why many find it outdated -- because it's not entirely realistic.

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    Calories in, calories out matters. End of story. PB's secret lies within that concept. Most people overeat carbs when they follow a standard American diet. Combine overeating carbs with high-fat foods and a sedentary lifestyle and what do you get? More calories in, than out, nutrient deficiencies, and metabolic trouble. A strict PB follower is getting more nutrient dense foods (helps control hunger/cravings for more food) and more exercise. What does that mean? More calories used for activity than are consumed.

    Also, the shot at oxide's weight change over 2 years was rude and uncalled for. She's 5 feet tall. I'm sure she's actually experienced some body recomposition as my mom did which was obvious by weight stalls but inches still lost. Oxide, you obviously mean well but you've presented yourself like a zealot. Mark isn't a preacher and PB isn't the Bible. PB is a general guide to living a healthier life.

    Regarding the Carb Curve: It's a GENERAL guideline! I'm around 5'10" and ~195-200 lbs (male). Low carb for me is a bit different than a 5 ft. tall woman. Yesterday, I had about 25 carbs and was in a calorie restricted state. It sucked trying to go to sleep with hunger cravings. Today, I'll have at LEAST 100 grams by the time it's all said and done. I had a long workout session of heavy compound exercises (in a fasted state) and refilling my glycogen stores for my next workout session is important for my performance.

    To the original poster: Learn more and apply it. Rinse and repeat. Eat healthy nutrient dense foods that satisfy your hunger. Stay away from foods that lack nutrition (generally fast foods and sweets). Packing food will allow you to control the times that you eat each day. Eating at that same time each day will help your body regulate your hunger signals to those times.

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    Wow!!! This thread blew up and I'm grateful for that. I just want to say that everyone here has shown so much knowledge, patience and respect from what I've seen and also on my posts.

    The more I research on doing IF, the more I want to try it. I currently own two books Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson and The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler. Both awesome books. I haven't had time to read these books though. I will make time to read them though.

    The last poster Wayland said I should eat nutrient dense foods that will leave me satisfied. Does anyone have any good examples that will fit my work schedule?

    I really want to try the Warrior Diet. But I think I will start off slowly. Go from two meals a day to one meal a day.
    I just have some concerns. Should I post them here or start a new thread?

    I will post more later but right now heading to bed.
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    For goodness sake, read the book and just do it!!!

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