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Thread: Glazed Raspberry Coffee Cake

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    Thumbs up Glazed Raspberry Coffee Cake

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    Oh Boy! This is sooo good!
    Low Carb, Grain & Sugar Free, Glazed Raspberry Coffee Cake.
    Low Carb, No Grain, Glazed Raspberry Coffee Cake | Fit Chick's Kitchen
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    Goodness that looks good!

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    Oh my! I need to make this!

    Edit: made it today using stevia and no raspberries. (Raspberries are my favourite but not worth it lol.) I turned it into a cinnamon coffee cake. To make up for the moisture and fibre bulk of raspberries I replaced it with more Greek yogurt and coconut. I should have lowered the cooking time to ~35 minutes, but thankfully I checked with 7-8 min to go, so it was just over cooked, so still fine.

    Absolutely delicious and very cakey!
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