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Thread: Hunting Muscovy ducks?

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    Apr 2010

    Hunting Muscovy ducks?

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    Muscovy ducks are the ugly and sometimes irritating ducks that live in parks and around ponds. They don't fly much and like to cross the street at the exact moment you're driving down it. I've often wondered if they'd be good for eating as I was sitting and waiting for them to cross!

    Turns out, they are! Apparently many people raise them for eating. There are so many wild though, I wondered if any of our hunters here on MDA have done any "urban hunting" or gone looking for their eggs? They are considered an invasive species here in the United States and from what I saw, their removal is desirable although I don't know if hunting them would require waiting until some sort of hunting season.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

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    Olathe, KS
    Wasn't the ugly duckling really a swan?

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    Wrong country, but over here (UK) pest species are usually "open season" i.e. whenever you like.

    Worth checking out!
    Just depends how urban you really are as to whether you'll upset the neighbours?

    Oooor you could have a couple of "car accidents"

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    lol, I totally could! I drive a big ol truck though, and I wouldn't want to damage it beyond eating.

    They gather around ponds around dusk, I saw some last night while riding my bike. It was very dark...I would need to figure out how to do some ninja duck hunting.

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