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Thread: Photos dont lie ...before and "after" results

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    What is P90x?

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    It's a pretty popular fat-loss-get-in-great-shape-fast program.


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    I forgot to say the fundamental, LOL

    What a transformation!! Congratulations! You are such an inspirations! I hope I can post my own pics before the summer ends

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    sweet! congrats!!!

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    Thanks to everyone for your support. It really means a lot to me. Congrats to Paneristi and RogerDeRok.

    I find it a little surreal to lose even the amount I have lost. I did a little analysis and had some photoshop fun and created an image to represent the amount of fat I have lost from 325-260 (

    I can hardly imaging what it will feel like when I get down to my 220-200lb mark; to have to invest in a new wardrobe and graduate from a XL "Grok On" T to a large "Grok On" T.

    For those of you who have lost over 100lbs, please share your experiences.

    PS to Daughter of Grok re: P90-X. twisteddoc gave an accurate link to introduce the subject. I find it to be quite similar to CrossFit in that there is a lot of concentration on using your body weight and heavy lifting. The neat thing about P90-X is that it also brings in Karate, Yoga and Plyometrics plus an amazing,60 minute, stretch routine. It got me moving on the right track but I was never able to completely stick with it due to my size. It is definately targeted to people who could lose 10-20lbs and want to get shredded... but I will quit rambling for now. I am starting to sound like a Beachbody Sales Rep.

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    Nice work Roger! Good to see another primal headbanger on here too

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    Hahaha awesome!

    Yeah I'm pretty active in the punk/hardcore community as well and I stand out a bit as most of them tend to be vegan.

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    To me, hardcore and vegan shouldn't be used in the same sentence. For me soy and hippies go together... Off the subject.

    I forgot to say awesome job Paneristi. I love seeing before and after pics, they are so inspiring. Thanks to everyone for daring to share their pics.

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    What a great motivation to see before and after pics.

    Way to go Paneristi , Roger and theBkon!!!

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    Great work Groks! But now can some of my primal sisters please post their results? (pretty please?) I'd especially love to see results from women in my age group (mid 40s)

    I would go first but sadly I have not been able to change my body comp since I started the PB lifestyle in late March of this year. So please share, Grokettes, I know the PB has got to work for someone!

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