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Thread: Reasons why YOU will die early

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    Reasons why YOU will die early

    List those things that have happened to you that may have weakened or damaged you. Things that, even though you are aiming for optimal health now, have probably shortened your life regardless.

    Exposure to UV-cured lacquer, direct skin contact daily for over a year. Supposedly guaranteed to cause cancer.

    Extreme malnutrition/near-starvation, ritalin overdoses, and emotional stress in my early teenage years, animal studies show severe stress at this stage of development shortens lifespans even if the creature lives a calm and nourished life later on.

    Regularly reaching into buckets of butyl-acetate to retrieve tools, I mean 3x a day for four years. Plus often inhaling clouds of solvent fumes and lacquer spray, stirring 55gal barrels of lacquer, etc.

    Just being an intense person, the higher blood pressure and increased heart rate. I do make it a point to relax when I remember, but my baseline is clenched teeth and balls to the wall attack mode, whether happy or moody, I feel strong, like huge powerful waves of awesomeness coursing through me all the time. I have seen that relaxed, lazy, passive useless people tend to live longer. But fusk those lazy assholes. I'd rather die awesome.

    *will update if I remember more stuff

    [edit]I was not breast fed and was almost starved to death on bad formula... I just kept throwing it up. My parents fed me tons of honey, though...
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    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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