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Thread: Extreme fullness

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    Extreme fullness

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    I am new to paleo, 3 days in. I have been aware of my calorie intake and/or formal calorie counted for 14 years. I currently use MyFitnessPal's iPhone app, so I know that my meals are averaging 100-200 cal less and my snacking is virtually non-exsistant. If I want something at the end of a meal I'll add 1/2 tbsp of oil.

    Anyways, to get to the point, I am very full, and full for a long time. Ie I ate dinner at 4:30pm yesterday, and could barely drink water after an evening hike. I was thirsty, but I was full. This morning I wasn't hungry at breakfast, but did make a 3 egg veggie scramble with coconut oil and coffee. It's lunch time and I am to full to think about food.

    The fullness is not the lower belly, sluggish full I get from binging (being paranoid about weight is a recipe for mildly disordered eating), it is at the top of belly. It kind of feels like it is poking me whenever I drink or eat something. Could this be liver or gal bladder related? From too much fat?

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    You're probably just experiencing the appetite suppression that some people get when eating high fat low carb. I wouldn't worry about it unless you start experiencing other symptoms, like pain.

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    Thanks. Looks like it has cleared up. My appetite has been more normal as the day has gone on.

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    Don't force yourself to eat or drink. Only eat until you're no longer hungry. Do not try to maintain a given calorie level. If you've been using that tracker for a long time, maybe quit using it for a few months. Don't weigh yourself either. Just relax and eat good healthy food.
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