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Thread: youtube clip: What If You Stopped Going Outside?

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    youtube clip: What If You Stopped Going Outside?

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    Hi found this youtube clip about being outside and in nature, called What If You Stopped Going Outside?:
    What If You Stopped Going Outside? - YouTube

    Im a new to this Primal lifestyle so I wonder if the clip is considering as "true" in these forums?

    Thanks for help.

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    Mark has covered these topics before in his blog.

    Vitamin D, Sun Exposure, Supplementation and Doses
    You Might Want To Sit Down For This

    Generally speaking, we are encouraged to be more active than we would like to be. Mark often recommends using play as a somewhat regular activity. However, for some of us, life has other plans, as we may have jobs that require long hours spent sitting, or other social obligations that would make it rude not to sit.

    Read rule 2.

    Edit: Note that there are two lists on that last link.
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