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Thread: Egg intolerance/sensitivity

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    Egg intolerance/sensitivity

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    Is anyone else there sensitive/intolerant to eggs? I was officially allergic as a child, but supposedly "grew out" of it. I've started to try to go Primal, but am having great trouble with breakfasts, because if I eat eggs I get sick (ie. it comes out one end or the other) I seem to be able to tolerate small amounts, but definitely can't eat eggs everyday. Any breakfast suggestions for me?

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    I too have egg sensitivities. In doing some research, I came across a fellow who mentioned that he only had sensitivities to eggs that were older than 10 days. I decided to experiment on myself (because I really love eggs) and bought some fresh eggs from the same people that I buy raw milk from. Low and behold, I ate the entire dozen over a week and didn't have one stomach ache, which is the intolerance symptom that I get. Towards the end of the dozen, like the second to last two, I noticed a very slight stomach ache afterwards and wondered if it wasn't just because they were getting older. I tossed the whites, because I also found in my research about intolerances that most people are intolerant of a particular protein in the whites. I just fried the yolks a bit on each side, leaving the inside deliciously runny. SOO GOOD!!!

    So, two options if you're willing to experiment with yourself. Try fresher eggs from free range chickens, or try just the yolk.

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    I've just recently (last couple weeks) started experiencing stomach aches when i eat eggs (more than 1 egg in a sitting = a few hours of pain). I've been eating a mix of sauteed vegetables (usually spinach, peppers, and onions) and either uncured bacon or meat left over from dinner all mixed up. Every once in a while I'll throw in a little cheese. Its really good and I've been good to go until lunch.

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    Try duck eggs.

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