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    Question Trade FB for MDA?

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    Has anyone given up the mind numbing minutia that comes with Facebooking or Tweeting for things more conducive to their primal hopes?

    Last night was the first night in a while that I actually did not do any Facebooking and just combed the MDA forums. I felt so much better.

    I think FB is robbing me of some quality time in all facets of the game and it may be time for "Fa-cation" from FB.
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    I never tweeted and deactivated Facebook several months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    I never tweeted and deactivated Facebook several months ago.
    Ditto on the Twitting.... My business has a facebook page, but I don't.

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    "If someone, another person, wakes up in the morning and needs to know what I'm doin; that person is an idiot." - Charles Barkley, on Twitter.

    As for facebook, ditched it about two years ago. Had too many old gf's/patients/creepy people contacting me on there. Besides, facebook has two main functions I don't have a need for:

    1) To see if past girlfriends or frenemies have gotten fat, last their jobs, married a goober, or otherwise gawk at their slow-motion life failure. (Prob more common for women)
    2) Look at the hot girls you somehow know and those constant bikini pics they put up. (Def the reason half the dudes are on there)

    Either way, waste of my time

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    No one in our house has a FB account. Got too many better things to do. Anyone that I want to keep in contact with either has my email address or phone number
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    You guys are a weird bunch. I don't have a Facebook account. Never had one. I always thought I'm one of 3 people in the US without a Facebook account. It seems this forum is contrarian in more ways than one.

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    I stopped posting on FB around the same time I started participating heavily in the whole30 forum. I scroll through my newsfeed daily, mostly to check for acquaintances who may have passed away (sad but realistic). I traded the w30 forum for this one, which I find a much better use of my screen time- SELF IMPROVEMENT. But I do post on Instagram almost daily. I love that.

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    Ditch Facebook if you want, but don't swap it for MDA unless you're only going to stick to the more productive discussions. There can be just as much crap around here as there is on your average newsfeed.
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    Never used social media, most evil creation on the internet. I beg to differ about this place having near the quantity or quality of shit that Facebook has, unless you're interested in Hollywood propaganda or liberal media.

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    I never signed up for facebook and I've worked in software for 15 years. I never understood twitter. I enjoy reddit now and then. I'm probably the dumbest web worker on the planet when it comes to this stuff.

    But I have to say I find there's plenty of minutia here to waste your time on.
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