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Thread: too much dairy?

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    I have found myself eating alot of dairy since going primal. Not everyday per say, but maybe 4-5 days a week I'll have 1/2 cup of mozzerella or chedder cheese with my eggs, and either a cup of kefir or raw milk. Now all of this is always organic and raw, but I cant help at think maybe this is a bit too much? Should I cut back?

    I'm not trying to loose weight, I'm acutally trying to bulk up (5'8 and 130lbs and I'm a 20 year old male... its time for some muscle). I've gone primal more for the health benefits (as we all have).

    Anyway so, too much dairy or no? Should I cut back? I feel great to be honest, no digestive problems or anything so I'm guessing I digest it fine.

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    The question is, is it affecting your progress? Personally I found dairy detrimental to losing weight but since you're bulking up, your body might actually use the lactose to replenish glycogen stores...

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    If it works for you, go for it. Personally I'd be concerned about the quality of the dairy in terms of hormones and pasteurization, but raw/organic should be fine.

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    Some facts about hormone levels in raw milk

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    Bill trying to gain too...I don't think you need the dairy to gain lean mass...I have some lactose intolerance so it's easy for me to avoid (although I do love cheese, just not what it does to me...including feeling very flushed from it...)

    I still do use whey protein though, other than that I don't use it and it's probably not necessary if you stick with primal...

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    I don't avoid dairy products myself, but fish is another good option if you're looking for alternative sources of protein and animal-fat. Here's how mackerel pans out:

    Unfortunately, farmed salmon has often been fed dyes to make it look pinker and I think the feed is unsuitable in other ways. But oily fish is good so long as it's wild fish - or perhaps "organically farmed" fish.

    I like white fish, too. And smoked fillets of white fish, like cod or haddock, are easy to cook, too. You don't need to poach them in court bouillon or anything like that, because the smoking already gives them flavour. You can just drop a piece in a pan of boiling water, turn the heat down, and gently simmer it for few minutes, and that's all there is to do.

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    If you want to avoid the effect of the milk-sugar, the lactose, Billman89, you can get cream without that does not have lactose or any other additions. Most readily available cream has additions, but in my area organic valley and some local farmers have unadulterated cream. This cream can be diluted with water to give a better-than-milk like fluid. The fat is good for you and you won't be taking in unnecessary carbohydrates!

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    Thanks guys, I'll probably just cut back on the diary. Sticking with the occassional cheese with my eggs, heavy cream in coffee, and the occasional glass of raw milk or kefir. Maybe some diary once or twice a week.

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