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    What is paleo diet?

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    Hey lets start talk about paleo diet so take initiative and reply to the thread.


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    Forgive me but is that not all we talk about here at MDA? My view is that the paleo diet is actually just an intellectual framework around which I base my food and exercise and sleep. I eat whole foods, very little sugary stuff, mostly veg and meat and fat. I dont believe that eating everything with the word "paleo" in front of it makes me a paleodieter. I dont believe in a long string paleo treats is a good idea.

    I approach my life and my advice to others about their lives from the point of view of get healthy, dont worry about weight and take your time.

    Is this what you want?
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    Probably a spammer based on the username.
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    That and the fact that the OP has a grand total of One post which happens to be referencing Paleo eating...don't mind the troll in the window

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