I have had a long and rough year. I've had some of the highest highs and lowest lows in the last 12 months. In the last few weeks it seems to be catching up with me. Today was rock bottom, or I really hope it was. I cried on the bathroom floor at work. Came home after a huge disappointment following work and cried myself to sleep. Slept for a few hours. Now I'm just at this numb stage. I have been sticking to primal/paleo for the most part, but have reeeealy been using that 20 percent, and then some on bad days. I am on anti-depressants to control my panic attacks, but they aren't working. I am seeing my doctor after the holiday weekend to discuss alternatives. For reasons I'd rather not mention I absolutely cannot take any benzodiazepines. My question is are there any natural foods or practices that help control anxiety and depression stemming from PTSD? The traumatic event is from 14 years ago and has been probed and dealt with as much as humanly possible, so therapy isn't going to help at this point, not to mention I am over it. I've just had anxiety ever since. I've tried valarien root and tryptophan (the tryptophan makes me throw up) and neither worked. I do meditate, and it has helped to an extent, but not enough. I am so exhausted from fighting panic attacks at work all day that most days it's all I can to to make dinner and get a walk in. Some days I can't eat and just sleep until the next morning. I have been lashing out at a few friends, male friends in particular for some reason. I have been bitter about other's happiness and have just in general not been "me". It is beginning to scare me and I only have a couple people I can talk to about this. Meeting up with my mom tomorrow for some motherly advice. I know this might not be exactly the appropriate forum for this post, but I'm not exactly going to put this on my Facebook page, lol. And I do want advice from a primal point of view. My only primal friend was an email buddy that doesn't really talk to me anymore so this is the option I'm left with. Please be kind with any suggestions, I'm not all that thick-skinned these days. And if you actually took the time to read that... thank you so much.